Taking a step toward change—especially the first step—can feel like standing still. But notice what happens when you can string a few steps together: suddenly you're a little bit further than you were before, and maybe before you realize it, you're a lot further. That's the power of MOMENTUM. Once you have some forward motion, it's a little easier to keep going.

Individual Therapy

About Momentum

Momentum Psychology and Performance works with clients to understand the nature of their concerns, develop goals, and build the awareness and tools to make the changes they want to see in their lives. Specifically, you can expect the following from us:

  • Strong working alliance: Research shows that the relationship between therapist/consultant and client is one of the strongest predictors of treatment success. So, our leading task is to create a solid foundation on which the work of making changes can take place.

  • Goal development: Making changes requires knowing what you’re working toward. What habits do you want to add, strengthen, or subtract? What patterns of thinking or behaving do you want to modify? What areas of performance do you want to optimize? We work collaboratively with clients to identify treatment and performance goals.

  • "AIR": Once you have an area of focus, you need strategies and tools to make the changes you seek. Some of the ways we do that are by helping clients develop and improve their awareness of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; identify a point of interruption for unhealthy or unhelpful patterns; and implement replacement strategies.

  • Tailored, evidence-based treatment: Each client is unique, and therefore may require a different approach to treatment. Even the same client, at a different stage of change, may benefit from varied ways of addressing concerns. We therefore meet individuals “where they are” while using research-based methods to work on specific concerns.

  • Multicultural commitment: Momentum Psychology and Performance maintains an interest in and focus on working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and understanding the role these backgrounds play in their lives and concerns. We welcome and support individuals of all identities and strive to create a warm and welcoming space where the fullness of these identities can be expressed.

"Progress is progress and little steps in the right direction add up to big changes over time." 
- Run the Edge

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