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Sport and Performance Consulting

Boxing Session

We provide sport and performance consulting to adolescents (ages 13 and above) and adults looking for coaching to help reach their goals. Dr. Bagley has had advanced training in the practice of applied sport psychology and performance improvement and has worked with athletes and others interested in improving and optimizing performance as well as overall mental and emotional wellbeing. This has included working with NCAA athletes and university athletic staff, youth organizations, and sport/wellness organizations on:​

  • Setting realistic performance goals;

  • Developing and maintaining healthy performance-related purpose, habits, and motivation;

  • Building performance-related self-confidence;

  • Managing performance anxiety and developing emotional control;

  • Balancing performance and non-performance related aspirations; and

  • Creating team cohesion.


These and other topics can be provided in a one-on-one or group workshop setting.

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