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Meet Dr. Karen Bagley (she/her), Momentum's Founder


I've been a runner since elementary school. I fell in love with the way it felt, the way I could challenge myself and others to see how good I could be. But at times I struggled too, feeling anxious about how I would do and whether my "good" would be "good enough." These struggles played a crucial role in my interest in mental health generally, and sport psychology more specifically. I have a different relationship with running, and with life, than I once did, balancing ambition with acceptance. It is my goal to help my clients find balance, too.

I took a road slightly less traveled on my way to becoming a psychologist, one that included roles as a researcher, consultant, and educator. These experiences conducting program evaluations, public health and diversity-related research, and teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses have given me opportunities to explore and understand ways that larger scale systems and concerns can affect individual and group wellbeing. My unconventional path also helps me appreciate what it means to be uncertain and trying to figure out how to take the next steps to get to where you want to be.​​

In nearly 20 years of experience in the field of psychology, I have worked in many settings, including a university, a VA Medical Center, and community-based mental health practices before founding Momentum Psychology and Performance. In each environment, my goal has been to create an open space where I can work genuinely and collaboratively with clients on understanding and addressing their concerns. My approach, in both clinical and non-clinical spaces, is integrative in nature as I help clients develop approaches to more well-adjusted living and optimal performance. Throughout all of my experiences, I have maintained a focus on working with people of color and LGBTQ+ folks.

Some additional things you may want to know about me...

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