Meet Breelle Hunter (she/her), Graduate Student in Counseling

Brelle Hunter.jpg

April 2022 Note from Dr. Bagley: It is with great joy that I announce that Breelle has completed her clinical training with Momentum Psychology and Performance and will will soon graduate with her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am so appreciative and humbled by the work Breelle did with her clients and the energy she brought to Momentum. While I am sad to see her leave, I am so very excited for the next steps in her career. Thank you, Breelle, and best wishes moving forward!


I am a clinical mental health counseling intern at Momentum Psychology and Performance and currently enrolled in the Master of Arts Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at the University of the Cumberlands. I previously attended Marymount University where I earned a Master of Arts in Forensic and Legal Psychology. Prior to that, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Judson College.

     Approach to Therapy:


I believe that life presents us all with challenges that can be difficult to address or cope with. Too often, we feel as if we are alone in facing those challenges and ill-equipped to make the changes we want. My goal as a counselor is to empower clients to face and achieve life's challenges and to provide affirmation and positive regard along the way.  My therapeutic approach is integrative and individually determined based on the goals a client may be working toward. The education and training I’ve had are based in a humanistic approach that meets and celebrates clients where they are in the moment, as well as skills-based modalities such as CBT and solution-focused therapy that help clients develop and enhance skills and strategies to improve their functioning and wellbeing. In our work together, I believe that clients will find a genuine and willing partner in working toward the goals they want to achieve.